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Calvin and Hobbes: the college years


Y’know, I scrolled past this and thought to myself, “yeah, this is pretty cute, but I’m not gonna reblog it.”

Until I saw that last gif.


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  • *hears noises at night*: well this is it this is the end for me I had a good life
  • *gets shampoo in my eyes*: I guess I'm blind now how am I ever going to see my first born child
  • *heart is beating fast*: I think I am having a heart attack is this what cardiac arrest is
  • *a cop walks by*: here I go about to get arrested I probably murdered someone
  • *taking a test*: don't take your eyes off of this paper you will get caught cheating and get kicked out of school and amount to nothing
  • *gets a sunburn*: great now I have skin cancer how will I tell my parents
  • *tripping over something*: I guess my leg will have to be amputated why did this happen to me
  • *period is late*: shit i'm pregnant i'm the next virgin mary
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This is all you need to know about the new doctor who


This is all you need to know about the new doctor who

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Deep Breath


Deep Breath

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Everyone has a Doctor they love the most.   And my Doctor will always be him.

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  • Dude: It laid an egg!
  • Vastra: It coughed up a blue box marked "Police". Your grasp of biology concerns me...