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~the previous winner never responded and it turns out it was a giveaway blog :/

SO, ive come into a decision and ive decide to give away my unused items!

This is one of my personal cameras, im not a hobbyist photographer so i never used it and i’ve recently bought a new and better camera. I need to reluctantly get rid of some items that I am not using very often.

The camera works perfectly. Viewfinder is great, mirror clear, very little signs of use and wear. Also included is the original instruction manual, a copy of Heiner Henninges F4 and F3 book and Moose Peterson’s F4 Pro Edition book. These books cover pretty much everything you would want to know about the F4 system and especially useful is the knowledge of the flash system.


  • Must be following me
  • Must have an open ask box
  • Must reblog this post 
  • Send me a question for an extra entry (you can only do this once)
  • Must be willing to send me your mailing address 


  • i will announce a winner on 7/4 (4th of july!)
  • if i do not get a reply from them within 48 hours i will add another month for more entries
  • any questions about the camera are welcomed
  • open to ship internationally as long as you dont live in an area where there need a mountain goat to deliver to you

if you wanna know to make quick and easy money read this (this is how i got to afford my new camera btw)

i will have more giveaways soon! so check here frequently!

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all i want is someone to make a parody of lets go to the mall about how much the finale sucked

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Ted goes to Robin’s window. She leans out, makes a raspberry noise and says “get it together, bro.” and he gestures to the horn and she just points out into the street, where there’s a yellow umbrella blowing in the wind.

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how i met your mother

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You’re an idiot.

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make me choose

 asked: robin scherbatsky or maria hill

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discovering a NOTP is weird. Like you don’t realize it’s a notp until you see a post and just go


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typeverything:, by Cymone Wilder

typeverything:, by Cymone Wilder

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Typography and Fonts on Depositphotos.

In case you’re looking for something more than fonts, like templates, .psd files vectors related to fonts you should check Depositphotos. You can download templates about everything that fits on your project, and within seconds you will have your work ready to publish, sell, print or any other thing that you want because the files are royalty free.

Check this search for example: Vintage fonts